Saturday, January 16, 2010

Possibility of creating new Realm of Happiness

It is human tendency to look back in the past and create a comfort zone! "Gone are the golden days, Now everything is so easily available and affordable.This generation do not have patience....",Bla...Bla....Bla... comment passed by most of us in one or the other occassion,Isn't it?

Always past is pleasent present is tensed and the unknown future is fearful! Still life is running.......days after days.....week after weeks.......year after year......Golden words keep repeating!

I was just rewinding my memories...... Wow what a wonderful experience! looking back..... It's just a moment to forget the tensed present. Next moment the comfort zone broke down as my naughty son started screeming to his amma to tell stories! Really she is a story factory. She produces(not creates!)stories according to his demand! Great!..... escape for me..... I can't tailor the stories according to the demand! But many a times a subject for amma's stories.

It's the moment a new ray of thought lightened in me. We always live in the past and think of future! But never try to complete the present! If I can start the same process exactly oppsite way; life would be more comfortable! Living in future by creating pastresent!(As my wife does in her stories to our little great master!) It could give a complete vision of the past!

Thus today's my learning from my son is I should complete my past. Never carry baggage on my back.Future should be always like new canvas. We can do wonders with plain white new canvas making the present colourful and meaningful. It's a possibility of creating new realm of happiness!


  1. Good one Anna!
    Past should always be a mirror for your present and learning experience for your future!!

  2. But usually it will not! Past forcefully occupies present by making the canvas rubbish! Thus past should be completed. Whether the action in past is right or wrong. We should accept and take the ownership of that action.Complete it by confession. It will creat a new opportunity of recreating the new posibility. That's what I feel. Thanks for comment